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Mikael Emsing

Researcher and teacher at the Unit of Police Work at Umeå University. Phd in Public Health and Epidemiology. Former police and instructor in police conflict management. 


Works at

Associate professor at Unit of Police Work
Polisutbildningshuset, Humanioragränd 3 Umeå universitet, 907 36 Umeå

PhD in Medical Sciences with an orientation towards public health and epidemiology. MSc. in pedagogy and also trained at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. Police officer between 2006-2023 and certified trainer for instructors in police conflict management (weapons & tactics, physical methods and techniques & mental preparation). I am currently working as a teacher at the Police Education Unit at Umeå University where I teach at the basic training program as well as the bachelor and masters programs. 

Current research projects:

Capable Guardians in Rural Sweden: A scientific evaluation of an intervention that is being conducted by the Västerbotten County Administration and the Swedish Police Authority, where the aim of the intervention is to increase awareness and propensity to report intimate partner violence. The project will run over two years and is financed by the The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. The project is conducted in collaboration with Dr Hans Löfgren.  

Stress and Mental Health Among Colombian Police Recruits: In collaboration with the police education in Barranquilla, Colombia a study will be conducted to assess stressors and mental health among police recruits. The project is conducted in collaboration with Pofessor Mehdi Ghazinour.

I am also active as a musician, albeit not professionally. I am primarily active in my own trio New Orbits. 

Umeå University medical dissertations, 2217
Emsing, Mikael
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Bek, Anders; Emsing, Mikael
Emsing, Mikael; Ghazinour, Mehdi; Sundqvist, Johanna

Research groups

Contact person for the research profile
Stress and health in police work

Currently course manager for courses in health and sustainability as well as communication at the bachelors and masters programmes at the Police Education Unit, Umeå University. 

I am also part of an international training project in conflict management in collaboration with Norwegian, Dutch, German and Icelandic police training colleges and Universities.