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Centre for Regional Science at Umeå University


Erik Bäckström
Eva Stoianov
Gergo Toth
Johan Lundberg

Director of CERUM. My research include regional growth and migration, local public expenditures-, investments and taxes, local labor markets, consumer behavior, and public procurement.

Jonas Westin

Researches mathematical methods and models to investigate social science problems. Teaches courses in mathematical modeling and project courses for civil engineering students.

Karin Nilsson
Lars Westin

Professor in Regional Economics

Mattias Näsman

Mattias Näsman's research focuses on how historical actors and processes have raised barriers to or facilitated transitions of economies and societies toward sustainability.

Rikard Eriksson

Professor of Economic Geography with special interest in employment, structural change and regional development. Associate head of department (Geography) and co-director at Cerum.

Roger Marjavaara

Dr. Roger Marjavaara is associate professor in tourism geography. He is coordinator of the tourism programme. Focus of the research is towards the causes and effect of human mobility.

William Blombäck
Zoltán Elekes

PhD in economics, interested in combining evolutionary economic geography and network science: structural change, regional economic resilience, collaborative knowledge production and more.