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Centre for Regional Science at Umeå University


Emelie Hane-Weijman, postdoctoral position

Doing research on labour market changes, labour mobility and regional development and resilience. Hold a postdoc position in geography and affiliated with the Centre for regional science (CERUM).

Erik Bäckström, systems administrator
Lars Westin, professor

Professor in Regional Economics

Rikard Eriksson, professor

Researches on spatial dimesions of employment, structural change and growth. Co-director for Center for Regional Science (CERUM) and the director of graduate studies in human geography.

Rolf Hugoson, associate professor

Two theoretical themes characterize my research: policy analysis and rhetorical theory. Empirically, there are three fields of interest: Cultural policy; Diplomacy & armed conflict; Urban history.

Zoltán Elekes, research fellow

PhD in economics, doing research on topics of evolutionary economic geography and social networks. Currently studying the role of co-worker networks in the wage-mobility of low-wage workers in Sweden.