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Staff photo Mattias Näsman

Mattias Näsman

Mattias Näsman's research focuses on how historical actors and processes have raised barriers to or facilitated transitions of economies and societies toward sustainability.


Samhällsvetarhuset (ingång närmast lärarhuset), plan 4. , Biblioteksgränd, (Rum: A4 22 07) Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Works at

Affiliated as other position at Enheten för ekonomisk historia
Postdoctoral fellow at Enheten för ekonomisk historia

In his thesis, Näsman specifically explores the origin and development of Swedish and international emission standards for passenger cars, 1960-1990. In a conjuncture of politics, business, technology, and environmental science, the thesis studies the drawn out process towards modern exhaust emission control. The purpose is to provide with historical perspectives on lines of conflict that have emerged and are still present today between lawmakers and the auto industry, in attempts to develop cleaner cars. The hope is that this research in the end will have bearing on understanding the problems associated with attempts to achieve a sustainable transition of private transport.

Mattias holds a master's degree in economic history and a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Umeå University.

Before Mattias started working with his thesis, he wrote a report on the evolution and political implication of personal assistance in Sweden.