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Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE)


Anders Larsson
Anders Lundquist

I'm associate professor (Swedish: docent) and department head at the Department of Statistics. I´m also affiliated to Umeå center for functional brain imaging (UFBI).

Anita Lindmark
Anna Strömbom
David Källberg
David Skog
Emma Persson
Filip Edström

I am a PhD student at the Statistics department at USBE, where my research interests are Casual Inference and Robotics and their intersection.

Göran Carli
Huixia Wang
Jenny Häggström

External website: www.jennyhaggstrom.com

Jessica Fahlen
Johan Strandberg
Johan Svensson
Jonas Markström
Josline Otieno

My research interest is in predictive modeling and machine learning.

Kadri Meister
Lina Schelin
Lisa Klaminder
Magnus Ekström
Maria Josefsson

I am an associate professor (senior lecturer) and docent in Statistics. My research mainly involves methods for studying age-related cognitive change.

Maria Karlsson
Marie Eriksson

I am a professor in statistics with a special interest in statistical applications in medicine, including register studies, epidemiology and clinical trials.

Marie Wiberg

Research interest include educational measurement and psychometrics in general, especially test equating, parametric and nonparametric item response theory, and international large-scale assessments.

Mathias Lundin
Mats Bergman

Professor of Economics

Dean, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics

Mikael Svedberg
Minna Genbäck
Tetiana Gorbach


Therese Sarlin
Xavier de Luna

My research consists in developing machine learning methods to discover and study causal relationships when using large amount of data. Stat4Reg Lab: www.stat4reg.se 

Xijia Liu