Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 17 September 2020)

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Eva Lönn, communications officer

I am responsible for Curiosum´s external communication

Gabrielle Beans Picón, senior research engineer

Deputy director at Curiosum, Senior research engineer at the integrated science lab ( and with the ARCs project. 

Jonas Olsson, project manager
Lars Isaksson, research engineer
Lars Knutsson, other position, faculty office coordinator

 Guidance counselling of Remedial Teacher Program students.

Madelen Bodin, other position

I am the director of Curiosum, a new science center for learning and communicating science and technology. Curiosum will open in the fall 2020. 

Manya Sundström, research fellow

Docent in mathematics education.  Works with mathematical aesthetics and proof.  Just now works with Curiosum, the new science center in Umeå.

Peder Fällefors, systems administrator
Stefan Johansson, research fellow

Deputy director at Curiosum and associate professor at the Department of Computing Science.

Thomas Kling, financial coordinator