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Richard Conway

I work as a Lecturer at Umeå School of Architecture and I teach in Studio 3 for Year 2-3 of the Architecture Programme and Theory courses and coordinate the Bachelors in Architecture examination. 


Works at

Arkitekthögskolan, Östra Strandgatan 30c Umeå universitet, Arkitekthögskolan, SE-901 87 Umeå

Pedagogically I am interested in developing methods for students to explore their projects through the development of fluid narratives that can be adapted to emerging future scenarios. To this end I've been working with my colleague Maria Luna Nobile for the past 2 years on studios titled 'Atlas of Future Explorations' and 'Futurescapes', where we together with our students investigate and explore how the existing but unloved/underused architectures of Umeå and its wider context can be reimagined and reinvigorated.
Other courses I am involved with help to develop the students theoretical knowledge through investigations of topics such as Utopia/Dystopia and Complexity & Contradiction in Architecture. I also work with how to link students theoretical investigations to their design work through the development of individual grounded manifestos during their Bachelors project. This work focuses on balancing the wider theoretical architectural themes of our current society with the design of propositional spaces, structures and buildings in relation to the broader physical and social context. 

I have previously worked at all levels in the BA educations at UMA primarily in the Synthesis course and have investigated topics such as; developing the narrative of the body in space as an introduction to the discipline of architecture and the role of participatory processes of design in developing urban environments. I have lead study trips for periods of one month to India on numerous occasions to investigate informal settlements within megacities and participated in shorter trips within Europe. Over the years I have also enjoyed participating in shorter workshops around the themes of the Poetics of light and space, constructing the annual UMA Pavilion and Reflection by Design.

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