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Solmaz Surano

MD, PhD. My research focuses on vestibular rehabilitation after acute onset vertigo.



Works at

Affiliated as postdoctoral position at Department of Clinical Sciences Section: Neurosciences
Norrlands universitetssjukhus, Umeå universitet, Klinisk vetenskap Umeå universitet, Klinisk vetenskap, 901 85 Umeå

I'm a neurology resident at the University Hospital of Umeå and a researcher in Dr. Jonatan Salzer's research group in the field of neuro-otology with focus on dizziness and rehabilitation after acute onset vertigo. I am the site-principal investigator at Umeå for Balanskontrollstudien, a national randomized controlled trial that is funded by the Swedish Research Council, with the aim of developing and evaluating an online tool for rehabilitation after acute vertigo. 

I have a multidisciplinary research background and have previously worked on amyloid proteins and fibrils, tuberculosis pathogenicity, and developing microfluidic systems for studying mycobacteria at the single cell level. I have a PhD in biomicrofluidics from the University of Surrey in the UK (2011) with a thesis entitled: "Investigating single cell growth dynamics of mycobacteria with microfluidics". Previous publications are under the last name "Golchin".

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Surano, Solmaz; Grip, Helena; Öhberg, Fredrik; et al.
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Jayaweera, Sanduni Wasana; Surano, Solmaz; Pettersson, Nina; et al.