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Staff photo Therese Enarsson

Therese Enarsson

In my research I focus on fundamental rights in different legal contexts, such as the protection of victims online and in the legal process, and the protection of free speech online.

Works at

Associate professor at Department of Law
Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 5, Umeå universitet Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå


In my research I focus on fundamental rights in different legal contexts, such as the protection of victims online and in the legal process, and the protection of free speech online. My research spans over many legal fields such as criminal law, constitutional law, procedural law and administrative law. This is mainly done from a Swedish and European context.

Current Research

In 2021, the research project HYDE was launched. My part in this project will mainly concern the possibilities and obligations to remove, for instance, hate speech on social media platforms using AI, in relation to the requirement and need for very contextual legal assessments at the time of removal, in order to avoid too far-reaching restrictions on freedom of expression. The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Ending in year 2020 is the research project on Victims of rasism, that I participate in together with four other reserarchers at the Department.

During the beginning of 2017 I finished a research project on harassment and threats online, and how this can be targeted legally. In that project I focused on criminalization and the need for efficient investigations of such crimes, and how victims can be protected from severe intrusions of their privacy in relation to the protection of freedom of speech.

I am part of two research themes at the Department; Victims of Crime in the Judicial System and Law and Emerging Technologies.

I am head of the board of DIGSUM – a transdisciplinary academic research centre for the study of the impact of digital technology and the Internet on society, and the impact of society on digital technology and communications.


I mainly teach different courses on the Law program, with a focus on legal history, legal theory and jurisprudence, constitutional issues such as freedom of speech, method and writing, and other teaching that in different ways – and on basic and advanced level – concern victims' rights and the criminal justice system.

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