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Exchange Studies

Study abroad at one of our partner universities

As a student at Umeå School of Architecture you can apply to become an exchange student through one of our agreements. We have a number of agreements with partner universities around the world. In addition to these there are central agreements and faculty agreements. All agreements at Umeå University can be found in the database of Exhcange Agreements.

Study as an exchange student

To study as an exchange student means that Umeå University has agreed to "exchange students" with a partner university and that the study results can be accredited at the home university. Consequently, you do not pay fees for your studies at the partner university and your total study period will not be longer than at normal study rate, provided that your courses abroad are accredited.

Before applying

Students who are interested in applying for exchange studies first need to find out as much as possible about the particular country, town and school of interest. The student also need to find out which courses he/she can take and if there are specific requirements for e.g. language skills.

Apply for Exchange Studies

Students on the masters programme can apply for exchange studies during the second term of the programme. To apply for studies at one of our partner universities you first need to apply for a nomination and you need to fulfill certain requirements.

As an applicant you must:

  • be admitted to a programme at Umeå School of Architecture
  • be registered on the programme or on approved leave from studies at the time of your application
  • be eligible for the upcoming term
  • have completed minimum 30 credits on the programme to be able to travel abroad
  • be able to include/transfer the exchange studies within your degree

First step is to fill out an application form:

Application for Exchange Studies, Institution Agreements

For exchange studies during the spring term please send in your application between the 15th of August and 15th of September. For the fall term apply between the 15th of February and the 15th of March.


Your application will be reviewed by the international contact persons at Umeå School of Architecture and the exchange places will be allocated on the basis of their assessment. The selection is based on a number of criteria:

  • Completed credits
  • Study performance
  • Language skills
  • Motivational Letter
  • Students who have not previously participated in an exchange program have priority over students who have already been on a study exchange or been nominated

Once the decision is made it will be communicated to the nominated students who will receive further information and instructions. A nomination means that the student are eligible to apply as an exchange student to that university. The nominated student is not formally admitted to an exchange place until he/she has made an application to the partner university and it is the receiving institution that makes the actual admission.

A decision on nomination for exchange studies can not be appealed.

Apply to the partner university

We inform our partner universities about who has been nominated to exchange studies. The nominated students must then apply to the partner university. Because our partner universities have different application procedures (deadlines and what to include in your application) the nominated students must find out from school to school how and when you apply. When contact between the nominated student and the hosting university is established, it is the student's responsibility to make sure that the application and supporting documents is submitted in time.

When the partner university has received and processed the application, the nominated student will receive an admission decision.

Course selection and transfer of credits

The courses an exchange students study during his/hers exchange needs to be transferred within the degree at Umeå University upon return. Therefore, the exchange student must make sure that the courses he/she has decided to study during the exchange have been approved by the international contact person at Umeå School of Architecture. This can be done by completing a learning agreement. A Learning Agreement is an assessment made by the home university and are made as guidance to the students who wish to take courses at other universities. The assessment is made in relation to the degree that the exchange student in question plans to obtain.

If an exchange student need to change courses during the exchange, he/she must contact the international contact person at Umeå School of Architecture. Please not that several partner universities do not accept course changes after the beginning of the term. The student also need to contact the international contact person at the hosting university about the course selection.

The final decision is taken by Degree Evaluation Office when the exchange student return to Umeå with his/her transcript of records. The courses will not be automatically transferred upon return, the exchange student must apply for a transfer of credits. For further information about transfer of credits, please visit this page

International Contact Persons at UMA

Emelie El-Habta
Research coordinator
Latest update: 2023-09-14