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Whom should I ask?

In our department, there are several members of staff able to advise you. For instance lecturers, study administrators and student counsellors. Depending on the question or study service at hand, you may need to contact different persons. Learn more about whom to turn to here.


Study administrators

If you have any questions regarding registration and admissions, please contact our study administrators. You can also turn to them for course certificates. However, kindly avoid the latter if you have activated your @student.umu.se address. In that case you can retrieve certificates of enrolment and make changes to address details yourself, via the student portal.

Contact our study administrators

Note! Please state the name of the course/program your question concerns in the subject field of the email.


Elin Forsberg, +46 90-786 68 13 

Ida Anderalm, +46 90-786 64 72

Margherita Helgesson, +46 90-786 92 47

Student counsellors

Our student counsellors can help you plan your studies. For example, you are welcome to contact them if you need help in finding a suitable course, want to know more about a certain subject, the contents of a course or its expected learning outcomes and methods of delivery. You can also get advice regarding study-social issues, as well as help obtaining any special support that you might be entitled to. In addition, the student counsellors have the important task of ensuring that neither disability, gender or socio-cultural backgrounds become a hindrance to your study or career choices.
The student counsellors are bound by professional secrecy and will not divulge your details to any other party.

Student counsellor for Archaeology

Peter Holmblad, phone 090-786 79 19

Student counsellor for History

Catharina Andersson, phone 090-786 60 39

Student counsellor for History of Ideas

Jenny Eklöf, tel 090-786 54 56

Student counsellor for Philosophy

Karin Enflo, phone 090-786 80 96

Student counsellor for Religious Studies and Theology

Mikael Lundmark, phone 090-786 70 63

Course coordinators

Each course has a coordinator responsible for ensuring that a timetable is available in accordance with university regulations, that teaching and examinations are conducted in accordance with the syllabus, that study results are reported, and that courses are evaluated. Course coordinators are presented on the learning platform Canvas, available for students who have registered for the course in question. You may also find course coordinators listed in Swedish (as "kursansvarig") in the course lists for each subject at our Swedish web pages.

Programme directors

Programme directors respond to all questions relating to a specific programme. For example, questions about the programme syllabus, timetables, internships, study and work environments, contents of the programme's profiles and choice of profile, evaluations, recruitments, etc.

Archaeology undergraduate degree (BA) (Arkeologiprogrammet)
Peter Holmblad

Humanistiskt samhällsprogram
Catharina Andersson

Kandidatprogrammet i filosofi och samhällsanalys
Kalle Grill

Teologiprogrammet - Kandidatutbildning
Thomas Girmalm

Landscape and Environmental Archaeology Masters Degree (MA) (Masterprogrammet i Landskaps- och Miljöarkeologi)
Johan Linderholm

Director of Studies

The Director of Studies for undergraduate studies is responsible for pedagogy and manages the on-going work relating to our educational services, such as the availability of courses, course plans and staffing.
Elisabeth Raddock

The Director of Studies for Doctoral Studies responds to questions regarding doctoral education.

Henrik Åström Elmersjö

Head of Department

The Head of Department is the department's manager and as such is responsible for all the department's activities. Should you discover a violation of university regulations or any other rules, you should contact him. An important area of responsibility is the working environment.

Jonas Nilsson

Latest update: 2023-09-05