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Degree projects

Do you want to write a degree project with us?

A degree project is included in almost all examination requirements. This applies to both bachelor and master level, as well as vocational education. If you have plans to write a degree project in mathematics or mathematical statistics, you must first apply for the right course. After you have applied for the course, contact the course contact person.

Here you can find degree projects published at our department


Contact persons for degree projects

Degree projects for bachelor's degree in mathematics and mathematical statistics: Mats Bodin
Degree projects for master's degree in mathematics: Mats Bodin
Degree projects for master of science in industrial economics: Leif Nilsson

Please contact any of these people if you wish to discuss thesis subjects. If you have your own idea of what you want to write about that does not fit in the specified areas, please contact the respective contact person below.

Contact persons research area

Computational Mathematics;
Partial Differential Equations och The Finite Element Method
Contact person: Mats G. Larson

Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
Contact person: David Cohen

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Contact person: Patrik Rydén

Mathematical Ecology 
Contact person: Åke Brännström

Computer Intensive Methods, Time Series Analysis and Spatial Statistics 
Contact person: Sara Sjöstedt-de Luna

Time Series Analysis/Stochastic Processes
Contact person: Oleg Seleznjev

Discrete Mathematics and Optimization
Contact persons: Klas Markström och Gerold Jäger

Industrial Statistics
Contact person: Leif Nilsson

Complex analysis
Contact person: Per Åhag