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Contact information

Study administrators

Our study administrators can be contacted by e-mail studieadm.molbiol@umu.se.

Corrected written exams can be picked up Thursdays 12.00-13.00 at the Student Affairs Office in building 6L, entrance Försörjningsvägen 2A, one floor up, in the corridor to the right.

Study counsellors

Viktoria is available for study guidance for the MSc in Biotechnology.

Yngve is available for study guidance for the Biomedicine Program, the Master's Program in Biomedicine, the Bachelor's Program in Life Science and the Master's Program in Molecular Biology.

Contact us via email to book an appointment via Zoom, phone or on site with us:
- studievagledare@molbiol.umu.se (Life Science Program, MSc in Biotechnology, Master's Program in Molecular Biology and free movers).
- biomed.stud.info@adm.umu.se (Biomedicine Program and Master's Program in Biomedicine).

International coordinator

Contact Yngve if you have questions regarding exchange studies.

Latest update: 2018-09-27