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Image: Elin Berge

Student ambassador

Do you like meeting new people? Do you tend to talk about how good your education and our university are to anyone who wants (or doesn’t want) to hear? Why don’t you combine business with pleasure by joining our ambassador team. Apply now!

Come join our crew 

We are now looking for student ambassadors who want to work, gain useful experiences to add to their CV, and all the while have fun together with us. Just be aware that you need to have completed two semesters on your education to be eligible.

What does being a student ambassador involve? 

At Umeå University, we have a specific team of student ambassadors who, together with our staff, work to attract new students to the University. The ambassadors’ job is to tell others what their education, living in Umeå and studying at our university is like: showing others why they should choose Umeå University as their study destination, that is.

This often takes place at higher education fairs around Sweden or by visiting upper-secondary schools, but activities can vary. For example, our ambassadors have been interviewed for our student recruitment magazine and worked with the Brännbollsyran tournament.

Inform, present and inspire 

As a student ambassador, you form a part of our student recruitment in various ways. Working as an ambassador means you 

  • provide information, answer questions and inspire others to take on university studies;
  • may hold presentations about Umeå University, your specific education or what student life is like in Umeå;
  • can be asked to take on small jobs where information, inspiration and providing a fair image of our university is key. 

The busiest periods are November, and January until March when the Swedish university application period is open.


Who are you? 

To succeed in your role as a student ambassador, you need to be outgoing and devoted, and independent when needed. You should be prepared to hold a presentation, at a fair, for instance. Presentation technique is included in the ambassador training. 

Please note that you need to have completed two semesters on your education to be eligible. You must also participate at the mandatory training before you start. In our turn, we strive towards finding a breadth in representation of students and educations at our university when selecting ambassadors.  

What we offer in return? 

Your commitment and ambassadorship are awarded with an hourly wage for the time you spend working for us.

Preparatory training 

Before you start working as a student ambassador, you will receive training to prepare you for the job. This training teaches you how Umeå University works with student recruitment, about Umeå as a town, rhetoric and tone, communication and how to prepare and hold a presentation. After the training, you will receive a written certificate to add to your CV. 

The training is held over two occasions and takes place in the evening. At the training, you will meet staff from the Communications Office, our experienced ambassador generals, and your new crew. This takes place on Campus Umeå.

Once training has been completed, there is also a crew get-together to kick the ambassadorship off. Dates for training and kick off will be announced via email.

Your application 

Register your interest as a student ambassador by submitting this form. We need your registration by 11 October. 

Latest update: 2023-09-21