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Upon your return

The information on this page is aimed at students who have completed a Minor Field Study. There are some practical things you need to do when you have returned.

Submit a participant's report online

You will receive the link to the report from the International Office. Your response will be sent to the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

Write a travelogue

Write a short travelogue about your experiences and e-mail it to as a pdf.

Submit your essay

Your essay must be written in English and be approved by your examiner in Sweden.

Send your essay to by e-mail the International Office as a pdf, no later than 12 months after your departure date.

Your essay should be distributed to everyone who has been involved, especially those in the host country.

Hand in your boarding passes

Upon you return, you must hand in your original boarding passes to the International Office.

Share your experiences

To share your experiences you need to participate in information sessions and hold one presentation for students attending a term or year behind you.

Sida Alumni is a project to encourage more students to share their experiences and increase the public's knowledge about development issues.

Read more at:

Sida Alumni