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Students who have not changed their password since 7 May cannot log in to the student web. Read about how to change your password.

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Print, copy, or scan

Any student at Umu can print, copy and scan using the university print system Umu-print.

In order to print you have to add money to your print-account

Add money by initially logging in to this link: https://print.umu.se:9192/

Click on “Fyll på pengar – Add funds” in the left-hand menu or follow the steps in the manual: https://manual.its.umu.se/en/add-funds-to-umu-print/

If you have previously added funds to your account they will be transferred and added to the new system in order to be used for printing, copying and scanning, with the exception of an account balance of less than 1 SEK. Money that has been transferred into the system are non-refundable.

Pricing for printing

A4 black-and-white: 0,8 SEK
A4 color: 1,6 SEK
A3 black-and-white: 1,6 SEK
A3 color: 3,2 SEK
Scanning: 0,1 SEK

Print using your own computer

Print using the web by initially logging into this link: https://print.umu.se:9192/

Then choose “Web print” in the left-hand menu, or follow the steps in the manual: https://manual.its.umu.se/en/web-print-umu-print/

You can choose to print on a student printer at the university library or the medical library. To collect your print in one of these printers you will have to use your Umu-Card as well as a PIN-code.

Print using a university library computer

In this link you you can find information on how to log in to a university library computer, how to save your documents as well as a list of available programs: Printing, scanning and computers 

For additional questions contact:

ITS Servicedesk or Infocenter.

Latest update: 2023-08-28