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Printing, scanning and computers

Students and employees can print, copy and scan at the library using the university's service called Umu-print. Options to scan and print are also available for the general public. Everyone is welcome to use the computers in the library and on this page you find information on how to log in, how to save documents and which computer programs that are available.

Printing, scanning and copying

Students and employees

Use your Umu card to print, copy and scan. You log in with your Umu card identity (Umu-id user name and four-digit PIN) to both the printer and your Umu-print account. 

How much does it cost to print?

  • The department bears the cost for employees.
  • Students add credit to their accounts by signing in to Umu-print. Price information is available at the printers.

How do I print?

  • Make sure that you have enough credit on your printing account.
  • Send your document to the printer (Umu_print). You can either use the library computers or your own laptop.
  • Go to the printers in the library. In the University Library, the printers are located on the entrance level to the left of the entrance area. At the Medical Library, the printers are located directly to the right of the entrance.
  • At the printers you will find more detailed instructions for printing, scanning and copying


What am I allowed to copy, print and scan?

Information about the university agreements regarding copying and sharing materials protected by copyright:

Use of copyrighted material in teaching (Aurora)

Employees at Region Västerbotten

If you are employed by Region Västerbotten and want to print, scan or copy, you can contact the information desk at the Medical Library for more information.

The general public

The general public can print, copy and scan in the library. For more information, please contact the library information desk.

You need to register as a user in the university's printing system Umu-print. Then top up your account with money. Price information is available at the printers.

3D printer at the Medical Library

The Medical Library has one 3D printer. To be able to use the printer you must attend a workshop to learn how to manage the printer. After that, you can book the printer and print in 3D.

3D printing

How to log in to the library's computers

Students and employees

You log in to the library's computers with your Umu-id.

Remember to always log out when leaving the computer to prevent others from accessing your user account.

At the Medical Library you can borrow a laptop to use in the library - an Umu-id is required.

The general public

If you belong to the general public you log in to the library's computers by choosing the option "Guest". With this you will have access to the library's website, databases and electronic resources.

Saving documents

Office 365

Students and employees have access to Office 365 with 1 TB storage space. You log in with your Umu-id.


More information about Office 365 is found on the Student web: Email and Office 365

Please note that documents that you save to the computer desktop or in "Downloads" are deleted when you log out of the computer.


You can save your document on a USB from all computers that you log in to. If you use a computer without the possibility to log in (open Internet computers and computers exclusively for searching in the library search tool) you cannot save to a USB.

Please note that documents that you save to the computer desktop or in "Downloads" are deleted when you log out of the computer.

Software on the library computers

Software available on all computers

Following programs are available on the library's computers:

  • Adobe Digital Edition
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Shockwave Player
  • Claro Read Plus
  • DjVu
  • Freemind
  • Google Chrome
  • Gustavas ordböcker
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Movie Maker Windows
  • Office suite
  • Spell Right 2
  • Stava rex
  • VLC
  • Skype

Special software

In addition to the basic range of software found on all computers, there are special software in the following locations:

  • Computer Lab 3 at the University Library
  • Computers marked PC+ at the Medical Library

List of special software:

  • Eikon (only at the University Library)
  • Granta Design - CES Edupack (only at the University Library)
  • Matlab (only at the University Library)
  • Open Code
  • Real Player
  • SPSS
  • Träna EKG-diagnostik (only at the Medical Library, in Swedish)
Latest update: 2024-01-04