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Mentoring support for students with disabilities

Have you applied for disability support and been granted mentoring support? Here you will find out what it means.

With mentoring support you will learn techniques and strategies that you can use to cope with study issues. A mentor at the Student Services provides the mentoring support. You can only get support for the courses you study at Umeå University.

You will receive support in these areas

  • how you can plan and structure your studies
  • to interpret and understand instructions, assignments and exam questions you have received from teachers
  • coaching to make it easier for you to handle, for example, your study situation or to get started with tasks 
  • study techniques, for example when it comes to reading or taking notes

Make sure that the time you meet with the mentor is used to work with the study-related areas covered by the mentor support. The more prepared you are before meeting with the mentor, the more effective the support will be.

Areas where the mentor will not provide support

  • questions related to the course subject when writing reports or assignments
  • proofreading
  • attending in meetings with or have contact with staff at your course or programme

If you need any type of support that is not included in the mentoring support, your mentor will inform you of this. Contact your coordinator if you need support that is not part of the mentoring support.

How mentoring support works in practical terms

You and your mentor will make an agreement on what you will focus at during your meetings, with your needs and the framework of mentoring support taken into account. You will also make an agreement on how and when you are going to meet. Therefor the support can differ some from student to student depending on a unique setup of factors for each student. However, to a certain extent it looks the same for everyone:

  • The first meeting is 45 minutes. Your given mentor will contact you through email and suggest a time and date when to meet.
  • After the first meeting, you can be offered booked appointments of 45 or 20 minutes, or to come during drop-in hours.
  • The extension of the support is based your specific needs.
  • Your meetings with the mentor can take place on site on Campus Umeå or digitally in Zoom.  
  • Notify your coordinator when you want to start your mentoring support.
  • The mentoring support can be terminated if you do not attend scheduled meetings without notifying your mentor or coordinator.
Latest update: 2023-09-04