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Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine (UCMM)

Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine (UCMM) is an interdisciplinary research centre using basic research approaches to study areas of biological and medical relevance. Localized in a tight environment of diverse biomedical laboratories, UCMM forms a creative and interactive unit for cutting edge biomedical research.


Surge of interest for the effects of the pandemic on the European Arctic
Published: 10 May, 2022

Almost fifty visitors and a professional broadcast of seminar on COVID-19 in the European Arctic.

MIMS Spotlight Series: Nóra meets Lana Jachmann
Published: 26 Apr, 2022

Lana Jachmann joined the Barabara Sixt lab and is now a PhD student. She moved to Umeå from Germany

3D optical imaging of the human pancreas in disease
Published: 13 Apr, 2022

Autofluorescence as a 3D tool provides option for therapies for pancreatic related pathologies,