Point of Contact

Degree Project 2022

My degree project is centered around a woman who is deaf and blind. My goal has been to design a disability aid that could improve her quality of life and increase her independence.

As a result of this collaboration I have designed a temperature measuring device that would be used to monitor one's health and to explore the world around. Health and wellness is something very important for all people, and especially for people in vulnerable positions - like my user.

I worked close together with my user throughout the project by performing interviews and asking questions through text. Her passions and struggles inspired and touched me deeply. This project has been a pleasure and an honor and I do believe that we both have had a lot of fun when creating something of great value.

Mika Vilhelmsson Sinclair

Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Design
Mika Sinclair
händer som håller i en protoyp Image:Umeå Institute of Design

Point of contact

En hand som håller i en febertermometer Image:Umeå Institute of Design


Fotokollage Image:Umeå Institute of Design

User test models

Kvinna sitter vid ett bord och lägger ett pussel Image:Umeå Institute of Design