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Image: Johan Gunseus

Umeå School of Education

Teacher education is a field where many diverse disciplines converge in constructive dialogues to devise courses and programmes based on scholarly knowledge and proven practice.

Inaugurated in January 2009, the Umeå School of Education (USE) is responsible for teacher education at Umeå University. Its directives include the provision of first and second-cycle courses and programmes of the highest possible quality in the fields of teacher education, study and vocational counselling and special education.

Teacher education courses and programmes at Umeå University are characterised by professional relevance, flexibility and extendability.

In order to ensure that our study programmes have a professional profile, they are realised in partnership with pre-schools and schools in the region. This partnership shapes both the content and the implementation of studies. Other key attributes of USE are the use of modern information and communication technology, international cooperation - for example in the form of student exchanges - and a high degree of student participation in development work and course planning.

Flexible study options allow students considerable leeway in tailoring their education to their own career goals.

An efficient and effective infrastructure, a great interest in research among our staff and several well-established research environments combine to provide excellent conditions for successful doctoral studies and research in the fields of teacher education and the pedagogical professions.