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Image: Kajsa Gilenstam

Sports research

The scientific sports research is active, and, in some areas, it is actually defining the international frontline.

The sports related research has its focus in four main areas: sports medicine, sports education, sports psychology, and physiotherapy, but is also conducted in other disciplines such as sports nutrition, health, sport law etc.  

Research network

The Umeå School of Sports Sciences, USSS, gathers all researchers who are conducting sports related research in a research network. The network consists of about 60 researchers, both doctoral students and established researchers from 16 different departments.

The research network offers opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with other sports researchers, participate in research seminars and other sports related conferences. The researchers can also apply funding from USSS for sports related research. 

Research council

The Umeå School of Sports Sciences has a research council which main task is to stimulate and make the most of the breadth and depth of the sports science that exist both in the field of education and research at the Umeå University. Moreover, to prepare, initiate and stimulate both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. 

The research council consists of the head of the USSS as the chairman, the research coordinator for USSS as the secretary, five members representing different faculties at Umeå University and one representant for doctoral students. 

Floorball Research and Development Centre

Since 2012, Umeå University has a Floorball Development and Research Centre, which is a co-partnership between Umeå University, the Swedish Floorball Federation and Umeå Municipality.

The main task is to develop Swedish floorball through developmental and research projects. The research coordinator at the Floorball Research and Development Centre initiates research projects together with researchers from Swedish higher education institutions and employers at the Swedish Floorball Federation. 

For more information, contact:

Taru Tervo
Research coordinator
Latest update: 2022-03-29