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Image: Mattias Pettersson

Umeå School of Sport Sciences

In 2015 Umeå University became one of the first National Sports Universities in Sweden. Umeå School of Sport Sciences at Umeå University gathers all sports-related educations, research in sports sciences and all students wanting to combine top-level sports with studies, regardless of choice of studies, so called Dual careers.

Umeå University is one of Sweden’s largest sports universities with an ambitious vision: Collaboration and knowledge for a world-class sports university. Thanks to good collaborations with a local municipality that actively supports sports, not least with state-of-the-art sports facilities, local sports associations, and IKSU Sport at Campus Umeå, we have what it takes to become the best sports university in Sweden.

Umeå university has:

  • The largest number of students within the sports area among all Swedish universities
  • Sweden’s broadest selection of educations within the sports area
  • Four faculties and the Umea School of Education with research and education within the sports area
  • A policy for combining competitive sports and academic studies

The Umea School of Sport Sciences stands on three pillars: education in sports sciences, research in sports sciences and the opportunity to combine an active career in competitive sports with academic studies, so called Dual careers.

The Umea School of Sport Sciences is active in wide-scale community exercise, elite and competitive sports, as well as public health and physical literacy. All parts are equally important and one cannot prosper without the other.

As a sports student, you will be spending much of your time at IKSU Sport, which is the biggest sports facility in northern Europe — and it is located on campus. It covers 23,000 m2 and has it all — group sessions, gym, swimming pool, ball courts, beach volleyball, golf and climbing walls.

Umea School of Sport Sciences regularly offers various seminars to sports students. The seminars intend to increase the sense of community, contribute to continuing professional development and an increased interface between academia and sports.

The sports City of Umeå

Umeå truly has something special. Few cities have the same opportunities and are quite as active as Umeå — a genuine sports town.

- With 240 sports associations, Umeå opens up for vast opportunities for sports and exercise for everyone, children and adults alike, both everyday exercise and elite sports.

- Modern facilities, with three sports centres (Dragonen, IKSU and Gammlia) and a great selection of programs for active athletes at upper-secondary schools.

- Local, national and international sports events every week.

- Umeå University with its Umeå School of Sport Sciences is an invaluable resource for sports and offers excellent opportunities for education and research within sports sciences.


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