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Umeå School of Sport Sciences

The sports educational programmes at Umeå School of Sport Sciences (USSS) are diverse and first class. The scientific research is active and in some areas it is actually defining the international frontline.

In close cooperation with the local municipality, which actively supports sports through modern sports centers, good cooperation with sports organizations and IKSU Sports centre on campus, Umeå School of Sport Sciences is creating Sweden's broadest knowledge and development center within the sports sector.

Umeå University has:

  • The most students among Swedish universities within the sports area (about 800 students).
  • Sweden's broadest educational options within the sports area.
  • Four faculties and a School of Education with research and education within the sports area.
  • A unique policy for combining competitive sports and academic studies.

For more information:

Please contact
Pernilla Eriksson
Head of Unit at Umeå School of Sport Sciences
Role: Directory Co-ordinator
+46 90 786 55 29
+46 70 527 15 26