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Image: Jens Andersson

Unit of Police Work

The work of the (Swedish) Police is aimed at maintaining public order and security, promoting justice in society, and ensuring protection and service for the public. The Unit of Police Work contributes to this by training students to become professional police officers who act for a safer society, a development of the Swedish police and for lifelong self-learning.

Affiliated staff

Adam Nyström
Anders Schogster
André Westberg
Andreas Gidlund
Daniel Vahlberg
Dennis Mattsson
Elias Burstedt
Erik Jaxare
Erik Jonsson
Jan Belander
Jenny Edström
Johan Green
Leif Hedin
Lina Eriksson
Linus Gren
Marie Sahlman
Nils Hylander
Ola Liljenfeldt
Patrik Bergqvist
Per Bäckström
Peter Burström
Pål Hansson
Simon Westman
Susanna Bellander
Tove Johansson