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Benefits for you

As an employee, you are one of our most important resources for us to achieve our goal of being a world-class university. We strive to offer a safe workplace with a stimulating work environment and equal conditions for all.

Our benefits for employees promote a good work-life balance.

When employed by Umeå University, you are covered by central collective agreements that regulate general terms of employment for all government employees, such as salary, other benefits, working hours, holidays and parental leave.

Read more about some of the benefits below.

Flexibel working hours

Depending on where you work at the university, employees may has the option of flexible working hours that facilitate the balance between work, leisure and family. Your working hours depend on which central collective agreement you are covered by. 

Individual salary determination

We have competitive salaries and offer individual salary determination. The salary is based on responsibility, the degree of difficulty of the work, competence and the way in which you perform your work. This means that you yourself can influence your salary development.

At least 28 days paid holiday leave per year

Employees at the university have 28 vacation days per year. From the age of 40 you have 35 holiday days. If you are an hourly employee, you are entitled to holiday pay which is paid together with the hourly wage.

We want you to rest during the holidays so that you can come back with new perspectives and new energy. You can use your paid holiday days from the day that your start your employment.

Fitness reimbursement

Umeå University offers a fitness reimbursement to all employees. The fitness reimbursement applies to fitness activity subscriptions such as gym cards purchased per term or 12 month periods or receipts for individual treatments or activities.

Fitness hour

All employees of Umeå University are given the opportunity to do one hour of fitness training or physical exercise per week during paid working hours, workload permitting. This is called Fitness hour (Friskvårdstimme).

Reimbursement of medical expenses

You can be reimbursed by the University for certain medical expenses. For example, visits to the doctor, dentist and psychologist. The amount eligible for reimbursement depends on the type of medical expense you incur. The reimbursement is a taxable benefit.

Doctor visits during paid working hours

If necessary, an employee may take time off without salary deduction for medical or dental visits. This may apply, for example, to occupational health care, maternity care centers, blood donations, etc. 

Occupational health care

All university employees can consult the occupational health care for work-related health issues. You can, for example, receive counselling, participate in surveys or participate in group activities.

Parental leave and parental benefit supplement

When you are on parental leave or at home looking after a sick child, most of your lost income will be compensated by the Social Insurance Agency by means of what is known as parental benefit or temporary parental benefit. Besides this payment, you will also receive payment from the university, known as the parental benefit supplement.

Occupational pension

Employees at the university receives occupational pension from us.

Pay sacrifice

Employees at Umeå University has the opportunity to pay sacrifice, i.e. switching saved vacation days or salary for your pension.

Flexible pension withdrawal

Employees at the university can have a flexible pension withdrawal.

For research and teaching staff

The intellectual property rights of academic staff provide researchers and teachers at Swedish institutions of higher education with the right to the research output they produce at work. That gives you a unique opportunity to apply for patents for your results to sell the knowledge on, or to move forward as an entrepreneur yourself.

Your development is important to us. That's why Umeå University allows teachers to spend a certain percentage of their annual working hours on professional development. It's also important to us that you have the chance to successfully combine education and instruction with research.

For more information

For questions about the collective agreement and benefits of working at Umeå University, please contact the person specified on the job advertisement.

Latest update: 2023-10-05