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Umeå University’s strategic environmental sustainability work

Umeå University’s environmental sustainability work aims to help achieve the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda. The work is concretised in the university’s Environmental Policy, the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainability as well as Regulation for Environmental and Sustainability Work. The Higher Education Act, the Climate Framework for Higher Education Institutions and the Environmental Management Ordinance are fundamental in the university’s work.

Environmental policy

Umeå University shall adopt a proactive approach and innovative work method in striving to achieve a sustainable society and the goals set out in Agenda 2030 by means of:

  • Providing education in a sustainable way that gives students skills and competences that are relevant to their future working lives and future roles as decision-makers in respect of sustainable development, and make sure that teachers who teach them have the knowledge and ability to put their subject into a sustainability perspective.
  • Conducting research and doctoral education that contributes to increased knowledge of, and for, sustainable development.
  • Collaborating with actors in society, taking part in public debate and disseminating knowledge and good examples about, and for, sustainable development.

Our work for sustainable development also includes working in those other areas where the university has a significant environmental impact. This means that, wherever possible, we specify environmental requirements in connection with purchasing and procurement. This also means that we apply innovative, climate-smart solutions and sharing services to rationalise energy consumption and increase the utilisation of premises and other areas.

We also try, at all times, to strive for travel-free meetings, and when a journey does take place, it is primarily by means of public transport and in the safest, most cost-efficient and environment-friendly way possible.

By phasing out and substituting chemicals that are harmful to the environment and health, and by reusing equipment and sorting waste at source, we strive to achieve toxin-free cycles and reduced utilisation of natural resources.

Our regulations

Read more about the university's strategic climate and sustainability work in our relevant legal framework.
Vision and strategies

The vision and basic values form the basis for how students and staff should treat each other and the planet.

Environmental investigation

The regular environmental investigation forms basis for the university’s sustainability targets and measures.

Global and national work for sustainable development

Through the 17 global goals in the UN Agenda 2030, the countries of the world work to abolish extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and injustices in the world, promote peace and justice, and solve the climate crisis. The Climate Framework supports universities and colleges in this work.
The Climate Framework

SUHF has adopted the Climate Framework to support the universities' work on the climate challenge.

Latest update: 2022-10-13