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About Umeå University

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A dynamic and open culture serves as the catalyst for high-quality education, research and innovation. Meet the flagship university of northern Sweden.

Research environments

Some of our outstanding research environments.
Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine

WCMM strives to enable excellent molecular and translational research

Arctic Centre

Arctic Centre is a connectivity hub for arctic transdisciplinary research and education.

Artificial intelligence

Over 50 years' experience of education and research and nearly 100 AI researchers. Learn more.


Umeå University is the flagship institution of higher education in northern Sweden.
Programmes and courses

Study with us and advance your career.

The flagship university of northern Sweden

Formally established in 1965, Umeå University is a comprehensive university covering research and education in medicine, science and technology, social sciences, arts and humanities, and educational sciences. 

Our cohesive campus environment enables a dynamic and open culture with a strong sense of community.

As a knowledge-driven organisation, Umeå University is striving to provide students and staff with unique opportunities for learning and development – whilst simultaneously serving society with new knowledge and creative citizens.

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University, City and Region

Over the past decades, the University and the city of Umeå have developed hand in hand. The influx of people from near and far has transformed Umeå into northern Sweden’s largest urban community.

Umeå University's geographical position in northern Sweden, Sápmi, and the Arctic Region of Europe provides us with unique opportunities to contribute new knowledge of global importance.


In total, Umeå University provides 150 study programmes and 1,800 courses. More than 40 programmes and 450 courses are offered with instruction language entirely in English.

In common for all our education is the high teacher competence and the strong interaction between research, education, collaboration and innovation.

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Since the earlies days of Umeå University, interdisciplinary collaboration has been a strong trait. This is evident in many of our most successful research environments and networks.

Many of our more than 2,000 researchers are working in top national and international research teams with access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. This has enabled us to become international leaders in several research disciplines.

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Campus Umeå is our unified main campus where the majority of research and teaching takes place. It is an excellent place for the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary cooperation.

The Umeå Arts Campus is a highly creative environment that brings together the university's art colleges and the Bildmuseet art museum.

We also have regional campuses in the neighbouring cities of Skellefteå and Örnsköldsvik.

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Umeå University's departments and units are organised under four faculties; arts and humanities, medicine, social sciences and science and technology.

In addition, research and education is carried out at seven schools and institutes, and seventeen research centres. The University Library and the University Administration provide support and structure.

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After decades of parliamentary debates about the need for a university in northern Sweden, Umeå University was inaugurated in 1965. The land where Campus Umeå is today had long been used for winter grazing by local Sami reindeer-herders.

The geographical and cultural distance to the traditional universities of central and southern Sweden was evident in the early years. At Umeå University, a distinctly non-hierarchical and collaborative culture evolved.

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Board and Management

The University Board is the University's highest body. Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson is the chief executive and head of The University Management.

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Vision and values

In April 2019, the University Board established a new Vision for Umeå University. The vision charts our way forward and describes where Umeå University aspires to be in the future. It is based on three main concepts:

  • Responsibility for the future
  • Collaborative development of knowledge
  • Competitive edge and pride

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Presentation film - Welcome to Umeå University

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