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International alumni groups

Our alumni are spread all around the world. In some countries and cities Umeå University alumni have come together to form local groups to organize activities for alumni in that specific area.

A group or key contact can, for example, organize gatherings, help with student recruitment or offer practical assistance to visiting scholars and exchange students. What the group aims to is for the participating alumni to decide!

Available groups

You can find a list of groups or pages for Umeå University alumni in specific countries, below. If you are interested in having activities in your nearby area and there's no group or page for it, you can find information on the bottom of this page on how to start a new group.


China (group on WeChat, contact us to learn more)
South Korea

North America

USA (Facebook group)


Denmark (Facebook group)
France (Facebook group)
Germany (Facebook group), Germany (LinkedIn group)
Netherlands (Facebook group)
Poland (Facebook group)
Spain (Facebook group)
United Kingdom (Facebook group)

South America



Start a new group

Is there no alumni group in your area? Here's some steps on how to start a new group. 

  1. Think about the purpose of your group, what will the members be doing? (leisure, competence development, inspiration).
  2. Contact the International Alumni Relations Team to get help and inspiration and tell us about your idea. We can help finding more alumni, contacting them, communicate via newsletter and social media and provide pamphlets and giveaways.
  3. Plan a first event together with the International Office (through the International Alumni Relations Team). 
  4. Get going!

Communications Officer