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Arctic Centre's Steering Group

Dieter Müller, Chair
Jan Karlsson, Faculty of Science and Technology
Maria Lindgren Leavenworth, Faculty of Humanities
Hans Pettersson, Faculty of Medicine
Niklas Eklund, Faculty of Social Sciences
Anne Husebekk, other institution within the Arctic Five
Dag Avango, External Commissioner (LTU)
Göran Ericsson, External Commissioner (SLU)
Ekaterina Zmyvalova, Student Representative
Keith Larson, Director of the Arctic Centre (fixed member)
Daniel Andersson, Head of the Department of Language Studies (fixed member)

Secretariat is Simon Oja


The Arctic Centre Steering Committee is responsible for

  • the overall direction and development of the business and the promotion of the business in general,
  • deciding on the operational plan, budget, financial statements and the reconciliation of activities, in accordance with the Faculty of Arts' instructions.
Latest update: 2024-03-01