Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 17 September 2020)

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Arcum's steering group

Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University (Arcum) was established by the Vice-Chancellor Dec. 4, 2012. The steering group for the period 2020-01-01-2020-12-31 consists of nine members, as follows:

  • Professor Dieter K. Müller (Chair)
  • Professor Jan Karlsson, Faculty of Sciences and Technology
  • Professor Bertil Forsberg, Faculty of Medicine
  • Senior lecturer Anna Zachrisson, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Senior Lecturer Maria Lindgren Leavenworth, Faculty of Arts
  • Professor Göran Ericsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Director at Swedish Polar Research Secretariat Katarina Gårdfeldt
  • PhD student Katarina Hansson Forman, Student representative
  • PhD student Sven Norman, Student representative