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About the Biobank Research Unit

The Biobank Research Unit offers services for researchers who want access to regional biobank samples and data. The service is open to both national and international researchers.

The Biobank Research Unit is a unit under the Faculty of Medicine. The director is Ingvar Bergdahl.

Expert Groups and Coordinators

The Expert Groups assess the scientific value of all projects being conducted within the organization.

Expert groups


The coordinators are responsible for different areas of activity, usually different diseases, which are promoted in the best possible way in consultation with the unit management.

Coordinators (in Swedish)

Area Projects and Database

The practical work is carried out mainly by our statisticians and project administrators.

We provide advice and practical assistance with:

  • epidemiological questions (eg methodological changes and the structure of the population)
  • statistical issues
  • study design (for example, repeated sampling)
  • legal questions and accompanying paperwork (eg applications and certain legal agreements)
  • applications for ethical approval
  • appropriate partners/consortia and other contacts
  • registry linking, matching of controls and pseudonymisation
  • harmonization of data
  • generation of diet database.

Contact: Åsa Ågren

Handling of samples

The County Council of Västerbotten is responsible for the handling of samples.
County Council of Västerbotten (in Swedish)



Biobank Research Unit
Umeå University
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