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CEDAR, as a unit, belongs to the Faculty of Social Sciences, and its overall operation is led by a board.

Head of the unit is Director, Elisabeth Engberg. Deputy director Gunnar Malmberg is in charge of the subdivision CEDAR Research. The other subsection, the Demographic Data Base, has Maria Larsson as deputy director. At CEDAR there is also an administrative manager, Bo Persson.

Here you can find out who is sitting in the Board of Directors at CEDAR.

One same goal

CEDAR's subsections are striving towards the same goal: to support, strengthen and stimulate research on population and ageing. In order to reach this goal we are building population databases of the highest possible quality and make these available for researchers. We are also seeking to establish a creative and vigorous interdisciplinary research environment.

Symbiosis between infrastructure and research

The databases are developed and managed by the Demographic Data Base, a unit that has helped Umeå University get a leading position in the area of population history ever since the 1970's.

The research is in turn conducted within CEDAR Research, a research centre which gathers Swedish and international researchers from a variety of backgrounds – i.e. history, cultural geography, medicine and statistics.