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Faculty and Staff


Anna Baranowska-Rataj

My research investigates processes linking labour market inequalities, family life and wellbeing using methods for causal inference.

Anna Sofia Lundgren

Professor in ethnology. Research areas include rural studies, ageing identities and e-health. 

Ari Laitinen
Barbara Schumann

Research focus on weather and climate change impacts on human health in Sweden and in low- and middle-income countries.

Björn Högberg

My current research investigates the consequences of reforms of education systems for the health and wellbeing of pupils, in Sweden and internationally. 

Catrine Odhiambo
Emma Lundholm

Associate Professor and lecturer in Human Geography, doing reserach on interregional migration in Sweden. Teaching Population Geography on bachelor and advanced level.

Erik Brändström
Erika Sandow

Researching the area of population mobility, such as commuting and migration, and teaches courses in spatial planning, GIS and quantitative methods.

Erling Häggström Lundevaller

I'm a statistician at Umeå university at the Centre for Demographic and Ageing Research, CEDAR, and the statistical department.

Fredinah Namatovu

Researcher in Epidemiology and Public Health. Main area of interest: gender-based violence, reproductive health, disability, and population ageing in Sweden and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fredrik Wikdahl
Glenn Sandström

Glenn Sandström is a Docent/Associate Professor researching family dynamics in historical and contemporary perspective.

Jenny Olofsson

Researcher at CEDAR. Working with SHARE on ageing populations. Research focus: living conditions, life strategies and experiences of ageing among older migrants in Sweden 


Johan Junkka

Assistant professor who studies the relationship between demographic processes and social networks such as voluntary associations in Sweden.

Josef Höglund
Julia Schröders
Karin Johansson
Lotta Vikström

Enjoying an ERC Consolidator Grant (2016-21) I lead a cross-disciplinary team researching how disabilities affect people's participation in society, past and present.

Maria Josefsson

Researcher in statistics who develop longitudinal methods for studying cognitive aging and risk factors for dementia.

Maria Larsson

Works as assistant director and research analyst at CEDAR and have worked a lot with linkage methodology.  

Maria Wisselgren

Works as a research analyst at CEDAR and are involved in two different research projects as a guest researcher.

Works as a research analyst at CEDAR, which includes helping researchers who want data retrievals from our databases, quality assurance and data processing.

Minna Genbäck
Mojgan Padyab

Mojgan Padyab is Associate Professor in social work

Outi Hyvönen
Per Axelsson
Pär Vikström
Roger Eriksson
Roger Lund
Samuel Sundvall

PhD student in history, researching the impacts of migration flows in the northern Swedish inland during the 20th century, both on a structural and individual level.

Sara Kalucza
Sophia Erhard
Wossenseged Birhane Jemberie

research interest: Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Among Older People

Methods: Register based study; Latent variables; Longitudinal analysis