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Familia user agreement

The application Familia, and all of the material, is the property of CEDAR and may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed to any third party without the written consent of CEDAR.

The customer agrees to:

  • follow the instructions for use provided by CEDAR; as contained in contracted agreements and/or specific communications to the customer,
  • follow existing law in all matters concerning access to and use of the material,
  • cite ''Demographic Data Base, CEDAR, Umeå University'', as the source when making public reference to any material from CEDAR,
  • be responsible for critical review of source materials and interpretation of the materials extracted.

CEDAR is not liable for any damage or loss caused by error or deficiencies in the material, interruption of operations, or because the material has not been accessible.

Violation of this agreement leads to sanctions according to the Swedish Copyright Law (SFS 1960:729).

By using Familia you accept the terms furnished above.

Latest update: 2023-05-15