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Open data at CEDAR

Here you can search and download data from multiple databases. You do this by using one of the search tools developed by CEDAR.

TABVERK on the web

Find out more about the search tool TABVERK on the web.


Find out more about this online search tool that provides easy access to unique statistics from Tabellverket.

INDIKO – parish registers on the web

INDIKO is replaced by the new search tool Familia.


Find out more about the search tool Familia.


Get access to Swedish population statistics in parishes, towns and municipalities.


Search in parish statistics on migration, population and the number of births and deaths.


The SHARE survey includes interviews with more than 500,000 people, all aged 50 and over.


The databases that the search tools are linked to is the Demographic Data Base property. It is not allowed to transfer information from these on automatic path to their own database. It is also not allowed to use the information for commercial purposes.

Do not forget the source reference

When publishing work using information from any of the databases at CEDAR remember to always use the following reference: "Demographic Data Base, CEDAR, Umeå University".

Latest update: 2022-03-14