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INDIKO – parish registers on the web

With the search tool INDIKO you can search through the POPUM database, containing data from 18th and 19th century parish records. With the help of INDIKO you can get information about individuals in selected parishes, look directly into the various parish records, and re-create pages of these.

1. Latest version of JAVA

You need to make sure that you have Java installed on your computer in order to use INDIKO. Please follow the link to install the latest version of Java for either PC or Mac.

2.Users agreement

Read the user agreement before you start to use the search tool.

3. Download INDIKO

In order to use the search tool INDIKO you have to download a jar-file to your computer. Here you download the INDIKO jar-file. Then it is all set and you can start searching in the database POPUM with the search tool.

Once you have downloaded the jar-file to your computer you don't have to do this step again.  

Firewall info: INDIKO requires TCP-communication on port 50000.