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Image: Johan Gunseus

Conferences, Workshops and other events

KBC is regularly organising the KBC DAYS, an interdisciplinary scientific conference, but also social events like the KBC-stafetten, a cross-country skiing relay, and the KBC Grillfest.

Current events

Voices from KBC

Voices from KBC 2022

Information flows, the research infrastructures are important and the “we-feeling” is growing stronger at KBC.

Annual events at KBC

KBC Days

Since 2009, KBC is organising annually the KBC DAYS, an interdisciplinary conference

KBC Grillfest

Before the summer break, KBC organises the KBC Grillfest on the meadows in front of the Technology building.

KBC Stafetten - the annual cross-country skiing relay

The traditional KBC sport event, KBC-Stafetten, is arranged annually at the end of February.

Latest update: 2022-05-08