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National Collaborations

Umeå University is part of a number of university-wide national cooperations. Through these, we want to promote knowledge exchange, and strengthen research as well as education.

Networks and memberships


The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF)

SUHF utilize the interests of universities and colleges externally and acts internally in matters where coordination is needed. 38 universities and colleges are members. SUHF is an arena for discussions and positions on higher education policy issues. Universities and colleges vary in size and focus, which provides a broad basis for discussions on the many issues that unite them.

Contact at Umeå University: Daniel Andersson
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Research!Sweden is a politically independent, non-profit foundation with the goal that medical research and companies will be developed in or move to Sweden and that medical progress will quickly benefit the population. Research!Sweden´s mission is to inform and raise awareness about the importance of medical research for health and prosperity.

Contact at Umeå University: Anders Steinwall
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Include is a network with the overall purpose of working for broadened recruitment and broadened participation in higher education.

Contact at Umeå University: Åsa Rudehäll 
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North Sweden

By participating in various networks and events at European level, North Sweden works to put Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Jämtland Härjedalen and Västernorrland on the European map and strengthen regional cooperation. An important tool for North Sweden is good cooperation with other regional offices in Brussels for information exchange and for developing cross-border cooperation at home in the region.

Contact at Umeå University: Hans-Olov Byquist
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Public & Science

Public & Science is a non-profit association, knowledge node and partners for dialogue between researchers and the outside world, which was founded in 2002. The association has a large number of members from social sectors.

Contact at Umeå University: Gunilla Stendahl
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Latest update: 2021-02-19