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Umeå Arts Campus

Umeå Arts Campus brings together the university's art colleges by the banks of the Umeå River: Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå Institute of Design and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. It also includes Bildmuseet – the university's museum of contemporary art and visual culture, the digital experimental workshop HumLab-X and the dynamic Sliperiet incubator.

"Umeå Arts Campus is the single largest project in Umeå University's history since its founding in 1965," said Lena Gustafsson, former Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University. "The goal is for Umeå to become a creative centre on the world map."

The educational level at Umeå Arts Campus is of the highest excellence. Umeå School of Architecture is the first architectural school in Sweden with an artistic profile. Umeå Institute of Design has been at the top of many international rankings. Umeå Academy of Arts has a focus on the individual artistic expression and the art critical potential of art.

The first new building constructed was the Umeå School of Architecture, which was established in 2009.

Umeå University's museum of contemporary art and visual culture - Bildmuseet - relocated to a modern new building here, as well as a new branch of HUMlab (HUMlab X) which will is an experimental workshop in digital culture. Bildmuseet is open to the public and an exciting place to visit.

There is also a business incubator for the creative industries to help entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship by providing active and customized business support, office services, technical and commercial networks, and financial support - all in a creative environment. The incubator at Umeå Arts Campus is similar to Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI), as it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Uminova Innovation.

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