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Visit Umeå University

Visit one of Umeå University’s four campuses and discover the inspiring environs that our students and staff enjoy every day.

We want our campus to be welcoming to everyone, so we will always strive to ensure a high level of accessibility for students, employees and visitors. Both indoors and outdoors, various aids are available to improve physical accessibility. 


The University’s premises are accessible. Throughout our campuses, you will find elevators, ramps and automatic doors. All Campus Umeå lecture halls, and some regular classrooms, have automatic doors and designated wheelchair spaces on the front row.

Digital map

Use the digital map service to help you easily navigate the premises on Campus Umeå, Campus NUS and Umeå Arts Campus. Find your lecture hall, bookable group study rooms, lunch room or nearest café. The map provides directions to your desired outdoor and indoor destination. When choosing a route, the system allows you to specify if you want to avoid staircases and obstacles. The map also indicates where accessible toilets and resting rooms are located. 

The map can be used on a computer web browser or via an app on your smartphone.

Find the digital maps.

Accessible parking

Accessible parking is available close to most main entrances and is free of charge.  Accessible parking on Campus Umeå and Umeå Arts Campus is also marked on the digital maps.

Fragrance and perfume 

When visiting our campuses, we urge you to avoid wearing strong scents, such as perfumes and aftershaves. Show consideration for people suffering from allergies and fragrance hypersensitivity, as they can suffer adverse reactions to strong scents. Umeå University only uses perfume-free cleaning products.

Learn how you can simplify for those with hypersensitivity on the Swedish Allergy Association website (website allows for translation).

Non-smoking area

Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is prohibited in all indoor premises, at entrances and in other public areas. Smoking may only take place in designated outdoor areas. Please note that the area around the Campus Pond on Campus Umeå is also a non-smoking area.

Hearing loops and guided assistance

Fixed hearing loops are available in all university lecture halls and in some of Umeå University’s bookable premises. A map in premises with hearing loops indicates what parts of the room have best reception. Guided assistance can be offered for free to students with impaired vision.

Learn more about studying with disabilities.

Take a guided tour of Umeå University

Every year, Umeå University welcomes numerous visitors to its exciting campuses where new knowledge is formed. The University is open to many types of visitors such as school groups, politicians and organisation representatives, but also those who are just curious. If you are interested in visiting one of our campuses, you are welcome to book a guided tour.

Guided tours of campus

If you are interested in visiting Umeå University to get a better view of what a university does and what it has to offer or learn more about its history, please book a guided tour. We can compile a programme based upon your request. Our ambition is to make your visit interesting, inspiring and thought-worthy.

Umeå University offers general guided tours of Campus Umeå. The tour takes about one hour and provides a general introduction to Umeå University covering our most popular sights, including several of our works of art.

Guided tours in different languages

Our team of guides consists of staff and student ambassadors, and we are currently offering tours in eight languages – Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Meänkieli.

If you would like to book a guided tour of our Umeå Arts Campus, you can do so through our guide coordinator.

Book a guided tour
Email: komm@umu.se

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Latest update: 2023-11-29