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Autumne summer - Tjaktjagiesse

Occurs in August

The reindeer are grazing in the birch forests and in the wetlands. They still have access to good green grazing and are eating leaves, grass and herbaceous plants. They are also really fond of mushrooms, which are rich in protein and phosphorous.

The period from the end of July onwards is an important period in which the reindeer start to build up their muscle mass and the layer of fat that is so important in helping them to survive the winter. It is important therefore that the reindeer are left to graze in peace during this period of growth, as it is absolutely essential for their ability to survive a harsh and severe winter. Towards the end of August, before the reindeers’ rutting season, herders start to bring in the males (bulls) for slaughter. They are now big and well-fed after the summer grazing (up in the fells). The rutting season begins in the latter half of September and so the slaughter of bulls has to be finished by then.


About the artist

Name: Lena Kuoljok-Lind
Lives: Lives in Jokkmokk with roots in Sirges same village, Jokkmokk
Profession: Artist

You can read more about Lena Kuoljok-Lind here:

Latest update: 2020-06-25