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Autumn - Tjaktja

From September to October

The reindeer are now mostly in the low fells. The night-time frosts of late summer have depleted the nutritional content of the grazing. The reindeer dig up the underground parts of bogbean and other herbaceous plants. In October, the first snow influences the reindeer’s choice of grazing plants, and they start grazing primarily on ground lichens. By late September the slaughter of bulls is over. A full-grown bull, just before the rut, can weigh 100 - 150 kg. They then use up just about all of their body fat and even a significant part of their muscle mass during the rutting season, which normally lasts 2 ‑ 3 weeks. During this time, the reindeer are left to look after themselves. This is a quiet period for the reindeer herder, who now has time to catch fish for the household, as well as for other jobs that need doing in the reindeer husbandry company.


About the artist

Name: Maj Doris Rimpi
Lives: Parenjárgga by Stora Lulevatten, Jokkmokks municipality with her roots in Sirges same village
Profession: Artist, actor, reindeer herder/owner

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Latest update: 2020-06-25