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Spring summer - Giddageassi

Occurs in June

Calving is followed by a period of calm for both reindeer and reindeer herder. The reindeer move to birch forests, boggy areas and streams, where the vegetation appears early. Wetlands are important for the forest Sami. For the reindeer, early summer is something of a rest and recovery period. They can graze in peace and quiet until the time when heat, mosquitos and insects make their appearance. Good early summer grazing allows the adult reindeer to quickly recover the weight they lost during the winter. For the reindeer herder, this is a time for building and repairing fences, buildings and other reindeer husbandry structures.


About the artist

Name: Lena Stenberg
Lives: Bivaröd, Skåne with the roots in Leavas sameby, Kiruna
Profession: Artist

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Latest update: 2020-06-25