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Spring - Gïjrra

From april to may

In May, the reindeer calves are born in the low fells and, in some areas, in the forests. The cows move off to south-facing locations where there is good access to grazing and where the snow melts early so that new vegetation can quickly grow. The cows usually calve at the same time and in the same place, year after year. The terrain should be slightly broken and protected from the wind.

Cows give birth to one (1) calf each year weighing about 4-6 kg. The calf from the previous year is rejected just before or at the time of calving. At this time, grazing consists of lichen, grass, herbaceous plants and leaves.

The calving period is very sensitive to disruption as the cow could very easily abandon the new-born calf if there is too much disturbance.


About the artist

Name: Tomas Colbengtsson
Lives: In Stockholm with his roots rötter in Tärnaby.
Profession: Artist and teacher of graphic arts at Konstfack in Stockholm

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