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Manufactures molecules that attach to misfolded proteins
Published: 18 Dec, 2020

Dan Adolfsson has manufactured synthetic molecules that bind to so-called amyloid plaques.

New chipping method leads to more efficient use of wood material
Published: 17 Dec, 2020

The first steps can be important to increase the yield from forest raw material, says Jessica Gard Timmerfors.

New book on Life in extreme environments
Published: 14 Dec, 2020

Arcum affiliate Natuschka Lee is the editor and author of a new book about life in extreme environments

Online ceremony celebrating the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Published: 03 Dec, 2020

Lecture, broadcasts, articles. There is a lot of digital to take part in before the Nobel Prize ceremony.

New advanced treatment technology improves wastewater quality
Published: 26 Nov, 2020

Majid studies the electro-peroxone process by which increased removal of pollutants in wastewater is achieved.

Unique Nobel program with Swedish and Korean researchers
Published: 24 Nov, 2020

The Sweden-Korea Nobel Memorial Program 2020 will take place on 1 December.

Research breakthrough can save lives after nerve gas poisoning
Published: 05 Nov, 2020

FOI Industrial Doctoral School researchers solve a riddle that has eluded researchers for over 50 years.

New findings on the water-splitting reaction in photosystem II
Published: 17 Sep, 2020

Casper discusses in his thesis which water molecules that are the active ones and how this reaction proceeds.

A step towards better understanding of bacterial diseases
Published: 10 Sep, 2020

Chemists together with German researchers have captured and identified bacterial toxin target substrates.

Scientists tap novel technologies to see water as never before
Published: 04 Aug, 2020

Researchers redefine how the binding effect works at the nano level.