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If a leaf can do it – we can do it too!
Published: 27 Dec, 2018

Anurag Kawde shows that mimicking the leaf to harvest solar energy is possible in a cost effective way.

Developing molecules that disarm Listeria and Chlamydia bacteria
Published: 22 Nov, 2018

Martina Kulén develops new types of antibiotics that do not kill bacteria, but only disarm them.

Large amounts of antimicrobial substances in Swedish sewage treatment plants
Published: 29 Oct, 2018

A new dissertation shows that new technology can reduce emissions from sewage treatment plants.

SEK 24 million to research on tuberculosis and antibiotic resistance
Published: 10 Sep, 2018

Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection causes approximately nine million new cases of tuberculosis each year.

Protein interaction helps Yersinia cause disease
Published: 23 Aug, 2018

Researchers at Umeå University, Sweden, in collaboration with an international team, have...

Med upptäckande som drivkraft
Published: 30 Jun, 2014

Anna Linusson Jonsson has a passion for collaboration and wants her research to make a difference.