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Image: Mattias Pettersson

Department of Computing Science

Our students gain solid knowledge in computer science, data communication, software system design and system development. We conduct world-leading research in AI, autonomous distributed systems, software security and data integrity and have a strong collaboration with national and international stakeholders in business, society and academia.

CS Internal Staff Pages

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Research - Department of Computing Science

Research and research training across a broad spectrum.

Study Computing Science

Learn more about our programmes and courses at The Department of Computing Science.

AI Courses For Professionals

From an introduction to AI to advanced levels.

Collaborate with us

External contacts are of extreme importance for us.

News from the Department of Computing Science

Intelligent robots don't always have to be more intelligent

Develops a well-functioning, reliable and user-friendly interaction with autonomous systems.

AI today – between reality and hype

AI systems don't just appear. Building the models requires many skills.

The benefits of AI in crisis situations

Professor Frank Dignum chairs an international workshop on the benefits of AI in crisis situations.

Virginia Dignum Awarded AI Ethics Professional of the Year

Professor Virginia Dignum awarded AI Ethics Professional of the Year at the Nordic DAIR Awards.

Many new research projects at the Department of Computing Science

New and exciting research in computing science now receives more than SEK 30 million in research funding.

More energy-efficient clouds now in sight

Researchers have created an online portal that allows you to study the processes in a data center.

Profiles and Features

Socially intelligent systems in collaboration with humans

Helena Lindgren's research comprises basic research in AI and applications for increased health.

Using ethics to shape AI in the best interest of humans

Virigina Dignum was inaugurated Professor of Social and Ethical Artificial Intelligence in 2019.

Algorithms that generate algorithms

Paolo Bientinesi was installed as professor for High-Performance Computing in 2019.

Real AI is Social AI

In 2019 Frank Dignum was inaugurated Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Umeå University.

Artificial intelligence for humans

AI research at Umeå University is partly specialised in ethics and social affairs.

Artificial intelligence changes our society

Researchers at Umeå University are gathering to strengthen the university's role in AI.


Umeå University has a key role in WASP, Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program, by far the largest individual research program in Sweden. We also coordinate WASP-HS, Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program - Humanities and Society. Follow these links to read more about WASP and WASP-HS at Umeå University.