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Published: 2024-06-18 Updated: 2024-06-25, 09:53

Department of Computing Science once again rewarded for its educational efforts

NEWS Once again, it is a researcher at the Department of Computing Science who has been honoured with the Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology’s Award for Educational Efforts. "I am incredibly happy and honoured. Receiving this award is a confirmation that my students think I am at least doing something right," says Anna Jonsson, Associate Professor of Computing Science at Umeå University.

The award for Educational Efforts is a particularly honourable award to receive since this is the students' prize for a teacher who stands out among others, and who has worked in a meritorious way to get students interested and engaged in their studies. This year's winner is Anna Jonsson, associate professor at the Department of Computing Science. She completed her doctoral studies in 2021, studying how human language can be better understood by computers. Today, she is also the programme coordinator for the master of science programme in computing science and engineering, a high-quality IT programme with an excellent reputation. Jonsson also carries out research, as a member of the research group Foundations of Language Processing at Umeå University.

Building confidence

Anna Jonsson was awarded The Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology’s Award for Educational Efforts with the following motivation:

Anna Jonsson constantly shows commitment to student development and always has a pleasant demeanour with a smile on her face. She gives detailed lectures, corrects assignments quickly and always answers questions. With a positive and respectful attitude, she listens to students, accepts feedback and creates a sense of security in learning.

 "What I am most happy about is that the students recognise my commitment and my efforts to treat everyone with respect," Jonsson says.

Genuine collaborations

In recent years, the Department of Computing Science has managed to recruit some of the world's leading researchers in responsible AI, machine learning, Cloud Edge, data privacy and data security. Several prestigious IT degree programmes are also offered here. The students can choose between two Bachelor's programmes (held in Swedish) or deepen their knowledge through the two Master's programmes – one in Computing Science and one in Artificial Intelligence

The department's genuine collaboration with business and industry, as well as its strong links to world-leading research, is unique.

"If you decide to study here, you will meet me or one of my competent colleagues, who are truly passionate about ensuring that you learn software development with a solid foundation in computing science. At the same time, you get access to the latest findings and good contacts with society, business and industry," Jonsson says.

Second year in a row

This is the second year that one of the department's professors has received the NTK Award for Educational Efforts. Last year it was Alexandre Bartel, Professor of Software Engineering and Security, who received the award. His course Cyber Cybersecurity has gained a lot of interest.

Bright future

The Department has a particular focus on reaching students who are determined and willing to dedicate time to their studies.

"We also aim to increase interest in computing among underrepresented groups such as girls and non-binary people," Jonsson says. "The future IT industry needs to be based on diverse experiences and interests. We have to develop well-designed and professional solutions that work for companies and users, as well as for people in society, healthcare and education. We offer programmes that lead to creative and challenging jobs, with excellent pay, and you are needed in all sectors." says Anna Jonsson.

Yet another member of the department's teaching staff has received the prestigious award, namely Jonny Pettersson, recipient of The Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology’s Award for Educational Efforts in 2009.

Contact information

For further information, please contact associate professor Anna Jonsson, by e-mail or telephone.

Anna Jonsson
Associate professor