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Image: Ive van Krunkelsven

Doctoral studies at EMG

Are you interested in learning more and deepening your knowledge within one of the subjects ecology, geoscience, evolution or environmental science? If this is the case, then doctoral education at our department is something for you!

Doctoral education consists of four years of full-time study, which includes a number of courses and a thesis and also the chance to become involved in both the teaching and research community within the department. Besides acquiring in-depth knowledge of a field of study, you will also cultivate your critical and analytical thinking. During your education you get to solve problems independently as you prepare for a professional career within academia, business or the public sector.

Doctoral degree
A doctoral degree comprises 240 credits in a research subject, of which a course component is included and an approved scientific thesis of at least 120 credits.

There are more than 30 PhD-students at the department, the majority coming from countries other than Sweden.

A link to open positions at the university can be found below.


Read more about our doctoral studies and read the syllabus for each subjects

Director of PhD studies

Latest update: 2024-03-05