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About the Department

The Epidemiology and Global Health Department is an international, multidisciplinary research and teaching environment located within Umeå University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Our research training focuses on health problems and possible solutions in settings throughout the world.

Our Masters degree programmes in public health and health economics recruit widely: from Sweden, from elsewhere in Europe, and from countries in all other continents of the world.

Vision - Mission - Values

Our VISION is to be a leading academic centre for research and education which contributes to equitable and sustainable improvements in health and welfare across the globe.

Our MISSION is to conduct ethically sound, transdisciplinary, and innovative research and education, and to engage with society.

Our daily work is guided by the following VALUES:

  • A concern for ethics, equity, empowerment, and the environment
  • Freedom of thought and expression
  • Open mindedness and mutual respect

Head of the department

Contacts - Administration



Försörjningsvägen 7D, Byggnad 5B, målpunkt PA, 
floor 3 and 4, University Hospital of Umeå (NUS)


Department of Epidemiology and Global Health, Umeå University, 901 87 Umeå


+46 (0)90 786 55 11