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Open Code 4.03

OpenCode 4.03 is a tool for coding qualitative data generated from text information such as interviews, observations or field notes.

Note! These are the new versions of Open Code, one for 32 bit Windows and one for 64 bit Windows. The new versions of the program are available only on this page.

Open Code was originally developed to follow the first steps of the Grounded Theory methodology but this version can as well be used for Qualitative Content Analysis. However, it can of course be used as a tool for classifying and sorting any kind of qualitative text information. The aim has been to create a self-instructive program that is easy to learn and easy to use.

The main features of the program are to:

• import text from any word processing program
• to condense segments of the text
• assign codes to segments of the text
• to synthesise codes in two stages
• write memos
• find words in text
• search for codes
• link codes to synthesised concepts
• print the results from any of the above functions

The program is compatible with PC-systems and runs on Windows version XP or later. It can be installed either from a CD or via the Internet. By default, the program is installed in its own program sub-directory under the name OpenCode. The software automatically creates a new folder, labelled My OpenCode Projects, for storing data under My Documents. The program language is English but the data/text and coding can be in any language.

OpenCode 4.03 is the first version of the new generation, meaning that it is not possible to convert projects created in OpenCode 3.6 or older versions to OC 4.03. If you have used older versions of OpenCode and have it installed on your computer and want to access the old projects later you shouldn't uninstall the old version, you can run them simultaneously. That's why it is still possible to download the old versions of Open Code 2.1 and 3.6.

Mac alternatives:

The Mac operating system is not supported by OpenCode 4.03. If you have a Mac there are a number of ways to run Windows. Apple supports the option of dual booting with Boot Camp, and solutions as Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion. All of these options require you to purchase a license for Windows and have Windows running somehow on your system.

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Download Open Code:

Microsoft Net Framework
Open Code 2
Open Code 3.6
Open Code 4.03 (32)
Open Code 4.03 (64)

Latest update: 2022-10-28