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Research at Epidemiology and Global Health falls into three broad profiles: Emerging global health challenges; health systems and policy; and Northern Sweden health and welfare.

Research areas
Research areas

Research areas at Epidemiology and Global Health

Research projects
Research projects

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Our research focuses on health problems and possible solutions in settings throughout the world. Much of this internationally recognised work is conducted in collaboration with other world class research institutions.

We embrace a multidisciplinary approach to the research questions we seek to address, where possible using a combination of complementary qualitative and quantitative approaches, and we work closely with colleagues from all continents of the globe.

The Epidemiology and Global Health Unit hosts the international peer-reviewed journal Global Health Action, with a strong in-house editorial team, and we have also developed and make available the free, online qualitative data analysis software package Open Code through the Unit's website.

Examples of PhD-projects

Film: Nathanael Sirili
Nathanael Sirili's dissertation

Watch the movie by Klara Johansson about Nathanael Sirili's research

Film: Utamie Pujilestari
Utamie Pujilestari's dissertation

Watch the movie by Klara Johansson about Utamie Pujilestari's research

Film: Amaia Maquibar Landa
Amaia Maquibar Landa's dissertation

Watch the movie by Klara Johansson about Amaia Maquibar Landa's research